Training solutions

Training solutions that work for your business

Analysis and Design

Estrada Associates helps companies improve their people and their processes. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing solutions that work. We will:

  • Listen to your goals
  • Review the performance of your people and processes
  • Work with you to discover new approaches
  • Architect a plan
  • Make it happen

Instructional Design

We can integrate with your training teams to build engaging learning courses. Whether facilitator materials, participant workbooks, assessments, web-based courses, virtual classrooms, webinars, we can provide your teams with experienced learning professionals.

  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructor-Led Training Design
  • Web-based Training Design

Web-based Development

We develop delightful web-based training courses that integrate with your existing learning platform. Our toolbox includes:

  • Lectora
  • Captivate
  • Articulate
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Proficiency Assessments
  • Voice narration

Customized Courses

We will develop and implement your courses or customize our courses to meet your goals. The courses we offer include:

  • New-hire orientation
  • Facilitator training in classroom engagement
  • Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Course

Estrada Associates’ Employee Engagement is a course designed to show how employees impact the customer experience.

We take a look at how managers, employees, and customers all play in a role in the success of the customer service interaction. We discuss what it means to be engaged as an employee.


Services that work for you

for your business

Estrada Associates will work with organization leaders and employees to improve the key drivers for a high performing work force:

  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Attendance
  • Effective involvement
  • Customer focus
  • Leadership

for yourself

Our Personal Programs are dedicated to developing the skills everyone needs to enjoy a more positive and productive life. All of us have personal mountains to conquer. The key to conquest and a renewed sense of self is learning to live more productively.

Estrada Associates' methods were developed over 20 years of educating and coaching. Through these methods, individuals have strengthened their interpersonal skills and interactions, and have enhanced their ability to perform.
We offer:

  • Executive coaching
  • Professional coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building

Our Experience

Successful solutions implemented

Instructor Led

The Estrada team has developed instructor led courses for topics as:

  • Customer service new hire training
  • New and updated systems for customer facing business units
  • Governmental regulatory compliance
  • Facilitator training
  • Train the trainer
  • Business Analyst Skills based on Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®)
  • Peoplesoft Systems


The Estrada team has developed web-based courses providing training and communications for topics as:

  • Customer experience using an updated website
  • Services offered through new mobile apps
  • Customer opportunities through self-service venues
  • Training and practice simulations on various business systems
  • Professional certification on a Document Management System
  • Gallup HumanSigma and Emotional IQ
  • Various software tutorials


The Estrada team has developed presentations for

  • Customer service
  • Change management
  • New business processes
  • Healthcare compliance and billing


The Estrada team interviewed, consulted, and identified the curriculum requirements for operational business units. Curriculum plans were developed for new hire roles, staff development and advancement. The courses included:

  • Corporate required courses
  • Regulatory courses
  • Job performance required courses

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