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Estrada Associates Student Enrichment Programs

Student Enrichment

Estrada Associates Student Enrichment Programs help students develop confidence, increase academic performance, build resilience, and gain respect for self and others.

We're excited to offer the following courses:

  • Insight for Youth™
  • Youthful Reflections™

Program Goals

  • To direct students through their past experiences in order to understand who they are today.
  • To empower students through their writing to clearly see how to change negative experiences into positive experiences.
  • To teach students how to apply their abilities and strengths in order to accomplish their goals.
  • To inspire students with determination to live a positive and productive life.

What are people saying?

A teacher in the program shared that students were more comfortable with each other.  Any interpersonal issues that came up were quickly and efficiently resolved because Insight for Youth™ helped create a caring atmosphere in the class. A standard of behavior that was more caring and responsible.

Teachers witnessed students become more accepting of other students.

Parents of students in the program noticed their children were more optimistic about their lives. Their children believed they were smarter, and were more comfortable asking adults for help.

A teacher in the program shared that students were less defensive and reactionary with her. Students talked through their issues more and acted out less.

what are the students saying?

Writing my stories has given me the ability to let out my emotions. I like to find any way I can to help me cope with my stress and emotions. I used to feel mad about many situations but I’ve learned to let it go and appreciate all the positive things in my life. I was completely honest because I know that if I just keep my anger and emotion inside of me that it will just build up and become worse. Writing my problems down always helps. Acceptance is something I learned that is very important because you can’t always change situations and you have to learn to move on and accept it.

High school freshman girl

It was nice to tell how I felt and not have someone judge me.

High school senior girl

I feel changed. Not as if my life completely changed, but now I have a different way to approach issues. Writing down what I felt on paper from an outside view was very helpful. This has made me a more caring and better person. I don't always hide away anymore. I am more open to conversation. ul. I feel as if I can conquer the world. I feel like I can do whatever I want.

High school junior boy

I see myself making a lot more progress. I’m not as shy to new people. I’m starting to open up way more. Now I have some confidence. My friend told me a couple days ago that he noticed me standing up straight in the halls. Basically meaning that I look confident. And I am.

High school sophomore boy

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